Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Butterball treat its turkeys humanely?


Absolutely! It is our responsibility to produce healthy, high-quality turkeys in a responsible way. Animal Care and Well-Being is central to who we are as a company, and we are committed to maintaining the health and well-being of our turkeys. In fact, we continue to lead the industry in Animal Care and Well-Being standards, and we’re engaged in ongoing efforts that include:

  • Establishing an independent Animal Care and Well-Being Advisory Council, made up of well-known animal care experts.
  • Strengthening our employee training through identifying and implementing best industry practices.
  • Implementing audits conducted by American Humane, a highly recognized, independent third party that audits our facilities and practices according to peer-reviewed, science-based criteria.
  • Rigorous continuous improvement of our operational processes through industry-leading technology and practices.

To learn more about Butterball’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, including our Animal Care and Well-Being program, click here.


What does the American Humane Certified seal on Butterball® products mean?


The American Humane Certified program, a voluntary program offered by American Humane, is the nation’s first independent, third-party humane certification program for farm animals. Through rigorous inspections and examinations, American Humane provides third-party, independent verification that certified producers’ care and handling of farm animals meet or exceed the peer-reviewed, science-based animal welfare standards of American Humane.

Butterball is the first national turkey producer to attain American Humane Certification. For more information on Butterball’s commitment to the community, please click here.

For more information on the American Humane, visit

For more information on the American Humane Certified program, visit