Large family gathering around a table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Today, we turkey

Why do we put so much love and care into Thanksgiving? Because it’s more than just a meal. It’s a day where we share what matters with those who matter most. And pull those close even closer.

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We exist to help people pass love on

At Butterball we make turkey. But what we help make is far more important. We help make moments big and small. Help make a connection between generations. Because food has the ability to connect people…and sharing what matters shows you care. That’s why we help people pass love on every day.

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Thanksgiving Comfort Calendars

For over 40 years, we’ve provided hosts expert turkey advice, plus a shoulder to lean on. This year, you can enjoy both in one comfy bundle: The 2022 Turkey Talk-Line™ Comfort Calendars. These downloadable calendars offer 24 days of emotional support, practical tips and a whole lot of comfort – helping hosts create another amazing Thanksgiving. 

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Today, we share more than a meal. With a showstopping breakfast, lunch or dinner made with Butterball turkey, you’ll bring those close to you even closer.

Our recipes - for whole turkey and all our other turkey products - will not only show you how to prepare a delicious meal, but one that helps you pass your love on. 

Image of Herb and Citrus Butter Roasted Whole Turkey