How To

Find the best methods on everything from choosing your turkey to carving it. We have detailed tips and videos to help make your meal a tasty success.

Turkey Talk Line Taste Kitchen

Testing Trends in the Talk-Line Taste Kitchen

Our Turkey Talk-Line experts tested trends in the Taste Kitchen to inspire hosts and find out what’s worth serving up to family and friends this Thanksgiving.
Two Frozen Turkeys

How to Choose

Fresh or frozen? Big or small? We can help you choose the right turkey for your next gathering with our how-to video.
Turkey Thawing on Counter

How To Thaw

What's the best way to thaw your turkey? Let us show you how with our video. We also have instructions on how to thaw other Butterball® products.
Roasted Turkey

How To Roast

Roasting is the most common way to cook a turkey. Follow our tips and tricks to get your perfect roast!

How to Make Butterball’s Ready to Roast

No thaw. No prep. All kinds of delicious. Our Ready to Roast turkey will help make your holiday season a little easier.
Turkey ready for stuffing

How To Stuff

Stuffing is a favorite around the holidays, but it's important to consider food safety when you stuff your turkey. We can show you the proper method with our how-to video.

How To Spatchcock

Learn this method and have a perfectly golden-brown turkey in no time.
Butterball How to deep fry video thumbnail

How to Deep Fry

This cooking method gives you amazingly delicious results, but it's important to follow instructions carefully when using a deep fryer. View our instructions for both electric and propane fryers.

How To Air Fry

Try out this new tasty trend for a light fry and crispiness.
Tony's brined Turkey

How To Brine

Brining can give your turkey a completely different, and delicious flavor. Let us show you how to do it with our brining recipes.
Turkey about to be checked for doneness

How to Check for Doneness

Is the turkey done yet? You may have heard of lots of different ways to check. But there’s only one way to be sure: using a meat thermometer to check the temperature.
How to Carve a Turkey thumbnail

How To Carve

The final touch to a delicious meal is the way you carve the turkey. Don't be intimidated! We can show you the easiest way to carve with our how-to video.
Turkey with thermometer

Food Safety Essentials

Our commitment to food safety doesn’t end when our products leave the store. We want you to have the information you need to store, prepare, and enjoy your meal safely.
Diagram of how to inject a turkey

How To Inject a Turkey

Looking to add flavor this Thanksgiving? Try injecting your turkey with a favorite marinade - it's simple, easy and provides great flavor.
How to marinate a Turkey

How To Marinate

When you know the basics of marinating, you can become a flavor connoisseur. Let us show you the steps and some great recipes, too.
How to grill a Turkey

How To Grill

Grilling is a great way to bring friends together. Add a Butterball® turkey, and your next outdoor gathering will become a memorable feast.
How to Smoke a Turkey

How To Smoke

An amazing smoked flavor is achievable when you follow these step-by-step instructions. And with a Butterball® turkey, all your efforts will be worth it.
How to Rotisserie a Turkey

How to Rotisserie Roast

Crispy and evenly browned, rotisserie cooking will leave you with an intensely flavorful turkey thatʼs easy to prepare. View our instructions to find out what you need to cook a crisp rotisserie turkey.
Illustration of how to place the thermometer on a Turkey

How To Place a Meat Thermometer

Unsure of how to check if your turkey is done cooking by taking its temperature with a meat thermometer? It’s simple. Check a few key places to know when your turkey is done.

How to Make a Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Got leftovers? Make turkey sandwiches. Here’s a recipe that will turn your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers into a sandwich that transcends “just” sandwiches.
Diagram of gluten free turkeys

How to Have a Gluten-Free Holiday Dinner

You can find many gluten-free turkey options with Butterball, but that’s not true of everything on the Thanksgiving table. Check out gluten-free recipe options this holiday.
Diagram of turkey facts

Why Butterball Turkeys are the Best

Don’t leave the most important part of your holiday meal to chance, buy a Butterball turkey!