A Global Experience

Butterball has been producing turkey since 1954. Above all, Butterball is committed to offering high quality turkey, clever innovation, and great-tasting food that brings people together.

Trusted Value

For more than 25 years, Butterball has been providing quality turkey to markets around the globe. From retail to deli, food service to whole birds, Butterball has the experience you need to get our great tasting turkey in your market.

International Expertise

Exporting to over 30 countries, Butterball is committed to developing new, high-quality products to cater to various cultures. As an international turkey provider, we serve many different countries with varied customs. Butterball has expertise in catering to the cultural and linguistic needs of countries around the world.


Great Variety

Butterball has a wide array of product choices for almost any price point and market. Our full lineup includes many healthy options, so you can serve and enjoy delicious meals that are also better for you.

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