Elevated Grilling

Elevated Grilling

Elevated grilling with Kena

This summer, we’ve taken to the skies, cliffs and mountaintops to elevate grilling. By partnering with outdoor-loving foodie fanatic, Kena Peay, we’re pairing heightened grilling with the heightened flavor of Butterball turkey. 

If it’s not Butterball, it’s not elevated. 

Explore our elevated grilling recipes and follow along to bring your grilling game to new heights.

Kena, Butterball spokesgriller.

Taking grilling to new heights

There’s grilling and then there’s…elevated grilling! This summer, elevate your grill game with Butterball.

Hot air balloon over fields.

Up, Up & Away

Why just grill when you can elevate your grilling?

Burgers and Butterball products on a table.

Introducing Elevated Grilling

Altitude, positive attitude and Butterball turkey makes for elevated grilling.

Turkey Smashburgers, close up.

Turkey Smashburger

If it’s not Butterball, it’s not elevated. These turkey smashburgers take flavor to the next level.