Testing Trends in the Turkey Talk-Line Taste Kitchen

This Thanksgiving, we created the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Taste Kitchen, where our experts take the guesswork out of cooking a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey. We're here to provide inspiration so hosts can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family and friends who matter most. Check out our mouthwatering recipes and discover why they earned the Butterball Seal of Approval.

Turkey Talk Line Taste Kitchen

Thanksgiving Waffle Sandwich

Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into the best sandwich ever with the Stuffing Waffle Sandwich.

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Spicy Dry Brined Turkey

Turn up the heat this Thanksgiving with the Spicy Dry Brined Turkey.

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Turkey Rollups

Looking for an unconventional hit this Thanksgiving? Try these flakey, delicious air-fried Turkey Rollups.

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Pickle Brined Turkey

Stuck in a pickle on what to do this Thanksgiving? Look no further than the Pickle Brined Turkey.

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